Winner design contest is Joris de Haan. Congratz!

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Together with popular dutch (online) magazine we organized a design contest. Make a cool design for our Dutch Screamer pedal.

We received lot's of cool designs. But only one was the best. And that was the design Joris de Haan send in.  A real dutchie Dutch Screamer pedal. We love it.

Joris his explanation for the design:

"My design is an ode to the European soccer championship of 1988 and the screaming orange design of the shirts of the Dutch soccer team, and a tribute to the topscorer of this tournament, Marco van Basten (number 12). More Dutch and more screaming is almost impossible."

This design is going to be a limited edition in our shop. Joris receives his very own design off course. Number 001 to be exact. Next to that Joris will receive a starter-pack: The Solution Pedalboard + Overdrive. And last but not least a framed photo of his design with the signatures of and NEXI Industries.

The ceremony is during the Gitarist Educatie Markt that is held on the 19th of november in the Q Factory in Amsterdam. 

Congratz Joris de Haan! And thank you!

We also want to thank all the other contestants for their beautiful work. 

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