What does NEXI Industries do?  

We create guitar pedal products that will complement or even improve your guitar play and sound. We created an easy to handle Pedalboard, and a wide range of boutique analog pedals: 16 and counting! 


Instruction video for the 4-slot board

What are the connections on the board? 

See pictures! 



What is the use of the 2 USB outputs?

Those are USB chargers for your tablet or smartphone. Many players use tablet or smartphone during gig’s or jam-sessions to show (for example) the chords or tabs of a song. It would be quite annoying if the battery of your tablet or smartphone dies while you are performing, hence the USB chargers on the Pedalboard.

What is the best way to implement the NEXI Industries Pedalboard in my effects loop?

  • You can use the "in and out" along with your effects loop.
    • Effects loop send ☞ NEXI Pedalboard IN ☞ NEXI Pedalboard OUT ☞ Effect loops' return
    • And... If you are using NEXI Industries pedals exclusively, you wouldn't need to move the time effects to the loop. The pedal board makes those adjustments for you. Thus, you can have everything upfront without any problems.

Is there a signal chain on the NEXI Industries Pedalboard?

  • Yes, your signal chain is:

What is the A/B Switch for in the 8-slot Solution?

The A/B channel switch can be used if you own an amp with 2 channels.

Most amps have 2 channels;

- Clean
- Overdrive

Normally you get a footswitch with the Amp,  to switch between your clean channel and your “overdrive” channel. This footswitch will normally be supplied with jack cable.

In order to have a more convenient setup with NEXI, we build the footswitch function in our pedalboard, calling it A/B switch. If you use an extra cable, from the side of the NEXI board to the back of your amp (inside the footswitch jack opening), you can switch with the NEXI board between Clean and Overdrive using the A/B button.

Can I use two Solutions pedal boards next to each other?

  • Yes, absolutely no problem. In order to use 2 boards together:
    • Guitar —> NEXI Industries  Pedalboard 1 IN —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 1 OUT —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 2 IN —> NEXI Industries Pedalboard 2 OUT —>  Guitar Amp

Can I use my own “classic guitar pedals" together with the NEXI Industries Pedalboard?

Yes, of course you can! Using our ground-breaking ConNEXI, you can place almost any pedal. 



    What kind of tuners is implemented in the NEXI Industries 8-slot pedal board? 

    There are 7 tuning modes;

    • Normal (440Hz Chromatic)
    • Open D
    • Open E
    • Open G
    • Open A
    • Drop D
    • DADGAD

    Accuracy: How many 10th of Hz is the tuner accurate?

    • 65 to 440 Hz




    What kind of Pots does NEXI Industries use?

    The true classic Wah master of all; 100kOhm pots.




    What is the Delay time of the NEXI Industries Digital - Analog Delay?

    The Delay time is; min: 35 mS  -  min: 598 mS




    How does the Looper work?

    In order to figure out how to record, pause, play, and delete recordings on the NEXI Looper, please click on this text to see the guide, or see image below:

    NEXI Industries Looper user manual




    What is True By-Pass?

    It is a switching method where, in the true by-pass mode, the signal goes directly from the input through the switch to the output jack with no connection to the circuitry in the box. In effect, it is a straight wire through the box and does not degrade the signal. In effect, the guitar sound won't get altered by any digital or other electronic circuitry which a lot of our competitors have.  


    Why is True By-Pass (used in all NEXI Industries Effect pedals) better than Non True By-Pass?

    True by-pass is designed and used to eliminate the effect of a pedals input load on the signal... The pedal is completely disconnected when the switch is by-passed / off so the input impedance of the circuit is not relevant! It does not matter if the circuit has a high impedance like a tube amp or is a low impedance transistor load - it is not a factor with true bypass. Use true by-pass effect pedals whenever you can. Always use good quality cables and go ahead and click your pedals in the Solution pedalboard or “oldschool” chain your pedals together. Then, don't worry any more about it and just start jammin'!




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