About Nexi

We are a bunch of frustrated guitarists and boutique analog stomp-box fanatics from Amsterdam.

For more than two decades we had a lot of headaches trying to play “trouble free” on our pedalboards… In 2012, we were really fed up, and made a pact: "we are stepping up for every frustrated guitarist in the world". We felt that we needed to create a pedal-board that would always work, was splash proof, heavy duty, and carried our beloved analog sounds.

We named ourselves the Vintage Analog Protection Squad, and started developing products for guitarists all around the world! Easy to use, analog sounds, and loaded with capability! 

With all our experience as boutique pedal builders and guitarists, we made some very basic rules in designing our pedal-board; a guitarist must be ready to play in 5 minutes, without the classic headaches such as cable trouble, power supply stress, or water phobia. And must work in every setting and every PA system.