Guitar artists


Merel Bechthold

Voted best female Metal guitarist of the Benelux, the amazing Merel Bechthold wrote an exclusive track after getting her hands on the NEXI stuff showing how analog sounds rule! See the video:

I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old. Soon after I started my first band Purest of Pain. Modern metal with a Scandinavian sound. After two years we started playing bigger shows with (inter)national bands like Suicide Silence, Unearth, MaYaN, Grave, All Shall Perish, Delain and many more.

In April 2011 we released the first EP ‘Revelations in Obscurity’, November 2013 we released the single ‘Momentum’ and in 2014 we played at the world’s biggest metal festival ‘Wacken Open Air’ in Germany. Winter 2018 we are going to release the first album. Thanks to Purest of Pain my career as a musician/guitar player started. 



Lars Schurse

Der vom amerikanischen Guitar Player Magazin ausgezeichnete Gitarrist Lars Schurse begann im Alter von sechs Jahren Gitarre zu spielen.

Er ist Absolvent des G.I.T. (Musician’s Institute/ Los Angeles) und studierte Jazzgitarre an der Musikhochschule Arnheim, wo er 2006 seinen Master-Titel erwarb.

Im Rahmen seines Studiums in Arnheim und Los Angeles hatte er unter anderem Unterricht bei Scott Henderson, Alan Hinds, Steve Trovato, Mike Keneally und Carl Verheyen




Very talented Russian model, musician, artist and guitarist Yana Kokh plays with NEXI Industries The Solution in this song. She covers the song from Eric Johnson - SRV (album Venus Isle - 1996).

The gear she uses in the video is a Nexi Industries fully stacked Pedal Board. Check our the pedal board for more info :)




Bas Paardekooper

Since its foundation in 2007 as "Bas Paardekooper and the Blew Crue" the band currently known as Paardekooper has certainly made its mark in the Dutch and international blues scene. From their first European double bill tour with U.S. guitar prodigy Eric Steckel until their more recent performances with Walter Trout and Robben Ford the band has performed over five hundred times. They have played before 100.000 people and released four critically acclaimed albums. Their legion of fans reaches from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and the U.S. to Europe, Russia and South East Asia.